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Resources > Viz-People releases 3D Fabrics collection

Populate your virtual wardrobe. 3D Fabrics is a collection of 80 detailed 3D models of textiles in various forms. It includes jackets, shirts, trousers, shoes, cushions, beds, curtains, draperies and towels. See a PDF catalog of the models and find out more on Viz-People’s website.

Add Comment | Posted Thu Mar 27, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Events > 3DS Max Happy Hour #3

Chris Murray, 3DS Max Technical Specialist for Autodesk, is hosting another 3DS Max Happy Hour event tonight at 6pm EST, which will be streaming live online. You can watch the live stream on Ustream. You can use #maxchat for asking them questions.

Comments (2) | Posted Wed Mar 26, 2014 - by Jokermartini

Renderer News > Octane 2 announced

At the recent NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference Otoy previewed version 2 of their unbiased GPU renderer, expected to be released in April. Also announced was application support for After Effects that enables users to import, edit and render 3d scenes in real-time, due later this year. Features of version 2 include: [more...]

Comments (1) | Posted Wed Mar 26, 2014 - by Paul Roberts

Hardware > NVidia announces Iray VCA, Titan Z

NVidia announced the Iray Visual Computing Appliance (VCA), a GPU rendering system that combines hardware and software to accelerate Iray rendering. The Iray VCA uses eight of NVidia’s top of the line GPUs, each with 12GB of graphics memory. It offers both 10GigE and InfiniBand connections, allowing rendering clusters of multiple VCAs to be easily built up over time. More on NVidia’s website. [more...]

Add Comment | Posted Wed Mar 26, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Plugin News > New Bullet for Max plugin under development

A new implementation of Bullet physics for Max is being developed by Norwegian artist Stig Atle Steffensen. More on MUForums.

Comments (1) | Posted Tue Mar 25, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Events > End User Event 2014 intro video, speakers announced

A video by Jasper Brekelmans has been posted publicizing this year’s EUE, to be held June 5-6 in Utrecht. A great list of speakers and masterclasses is taking shape. Watch the video on YouTube and find out more on EUE’s website.

Comments (1) | Posted Tue Mar 25, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

News > Toxic and Matchmover to be released free?

According to a post on the SI mailing list by Chris Vienneau, Director of Media and Entertainment at Autodesk, “Toxik and Matchmover will be available on Autodesk Exchange in a week or two with no eula. You won’t need a license to use them anymore.” Read the full thread on the Softimage Mailing List.

Comments (9) | Posted Tue Mar 25, 2014 - by Paul Roberts

Tutorials > Landscaping the Black Sea Hotel

A tutorial by Dimitar Gongalov on the making of his Archviz project “Landscaping the Black Sea Hotel”. More on Treddi.com. (English|Italian)

Add Comment | Posted Tue Mar 25, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Plugin News > Embody Animation offers facial mocap animation retargeting

CaptiveMotion have released a Max plugin designed for retargeting facial mocap animation to any character (even 2D ones). Embody Animation allows to retarget facial mocap data to a bone rig or directly to a mesh and supports industry standard facial mocap formats, including C3D and TRC. The software provides additional tools for noise reduction, importing, exporting and batch processing. A free trial is available. Read the list of features (PDF) and find out more on CaptiveMotion’s site.

Add Comment | Posted Tue Mar 25, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Resources > Free HDR timelapse sky dome

Hyperfocal Design is producing a number of HDR timelapse sky domes and is offering a free one-day length HDR timelapse sky dome that runs from sunrise to sunset. There are 586 .EXR frames provided in 1024×512 resolution, so you can preview every frame. Also included is a single high resolution 9500x4750px frame. The first commercial timelapses are expected to go on sale in Q2 2014. You can find more information, view a time-lapse animation and download the free sample at HyperfocalDesign.com. (Note: signing up to an email list is required to download the HDR timelapse)

Add Comment | Posted Tue Mar 25, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis | source: Hyperfocal Design

Tools > Mighty Tiles Pro for Photoshop Beta

Mighty Instruments has released a Photoshop version of their plugin for creating high resolution tile-based textures, including brick walls, parquet, and cobblestone pavements, using individual bitmap images. The Photoshop filter is currently in open beta, users interested in taking part can find out more on Mighty Instrument’s website.

Add Comment | Posted Tue Mar 25, 2014 - by Paul Roberts

Renderer News > Mental Ray developers launch blog

The development team at NVidia ARC (formerly Mental Images) have started a blog to communicate with users of the renderer. More on the Mental Ray developers’ blog.

Add Comment | Posted Mon Mar 24, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis


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