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Scripts > FumeFX Submitter

A new commercial script by Artur Leão for managing FumeFX simulations. FumeFX Submitter lists all the grids in your scene and allows to calculate simulations using a version and token based system, automatically setting up all paths for each grid. You can also increment the Max file version as you go. More on MUForums.

Add Comment | Posted Tue Jul 8, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Renderer News > Mental Ray’s GPU-accelerated GI engine prototype

NVidia ARC has posted information on the new GI GPU-accelerated engine prototype that comes in Mental Ray 3.12, the version that ships with Max 2015. The developers have made available a script for making it easier to enable the GI GPU mode and are looking for users’ feedback. More on the Mental Ray developers’ blog.

Comments (14) | Posted Mon Jul 7, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Renderer News > Caustic Visualizer for Maya end of life announced

In what amounts to the second regrettable death of the Brazil renderer, Imagination Technologies announced the EOL of the Caustic Visualizer for Maya; development of the Max plugin was already on hold for approximately a year. The technology will only survive for the time being in the $19.99 SketchUp add-on and in Rhino’s Neon renderer. The company also stopped selling their Caustic Series2 ray tracing accelerator cards and announced that it will remove most of the content of its Caustic.com website. Imagination Technologies had originally announced the acquisition of Caustic Graphics in December 2010. Read the official EOL message for more.

Comments (6) | Posted Mon Jul 7, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis | source: Marcin Gruszczyk

Industry News > VFX Reference Platform

The Visual Effects Society has invited a group of major software vendors to create a working group to better align Linux support between them and eliminate incompatibilities between common dependencies of CG software. Though the initial effort is aimed at Linux, the Visual Effects Society expects to help create reference platforms for other operating systems in the future. More on the VFX Reference Platform’s site.

Add Comment | Posted Tue Jul 8, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis | source: Rodrigo Washington

Industry News > Epic Games donates to the Blender Foundation

Epic Games, developers of the Unreal Engine, have donated 10k euros to the Blender Development Fund to support the coding of a smoother FBX workflow between Blender and UE4, harmonize controls between both applications and help bring free 3D modeling tools to UE users. More on Unreal Engine’s forum.

Add Comment | Posted Mon Jul 7, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis | source: Jeffrey Carpay

On The Web > Bertrand Benoit’s High-Carb CG

Inspired by Grant Warwick’s V-Ray course, Bertrand Benoit has created a number of virtual 3D edibles. More on BBB3viz.

Add Comment | Posted Sun Jul 6, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Scripts > Snow N-Painter

NoorVFX are offering a script for painting snow on selected objects. Like Clovis Gay’s SnowGUN Painter, the script provides a number of meshing options, including support for Thinkbox’s Frost. More on NoorVFX’s site.

Comments (4) | Posted Sun Jul 6, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Tutorials > Ky_Trail Pro tutorial

A tutorial by Pavel Kuznetsov on how to create animated trails using his Ky_Trail Pro plugin. Watch it on YouTube.

Add Comment | Posted Sun Jul 6, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Tools > Colorway teaser

The Foundry has posted a teaser for a new color design software they’ll be unveiling soon. Watch it on Vimeo.

Add Comment | Posted Fri Jul 4, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Tutorials > Displacement for fragmentation

A tutorial by Hristo Velev from Bottleship VFX on using Thinkbox’s Genome and V-Ray to add displacement to fragmentation simulations. Watch it on Vimeo.

Add Comment | Posted Fri Jul 4, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Resources > Xfrog free plant models, 50% discount sale

In order to promote their plants library Xfrog are offering new free models for download. Also of note, they’re having a 50% off sale until July 6. More on Xfrog’s website.

Comments (1) | Posted Fri Jul 4, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Scripts > Channel Shifter

Channel Shifter is a new texture map by Daniel Santana that allows you to quickly shift channels from other maps. It’s especially useful for creating bump maps, opacity maps, masks, etc. More on MUForums.

Add Comment | Posted Thu Jul 3, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis


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