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CG Humor > Zoltar the Tarot Reader on the future of 3DS Max

Australian artist Michael Wentworth-Bell recently consulted Zoltar, the CG Tarot Reader and spiritual guide, on the future of 3DS Max. According to Zoltar, 3DS Max will continue to evolve and won’t be discontinued in the near future. More on Zoltar’s Facebook page.

Comments (2) | Posted Tue Jul 15, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis | source: Salvo Triolo

Tutorials > Grading in After Effects

Samuel Conlogue has released a 2 part tutorial demonstrating the colouring and post production effects used at Infusion Studios. Part 1 focuses primarily on Magic Bullet looks while part 2 is more advanced, with explanations on how to grade animated footage using After Effecs’ built-in color correction tools in conjunction with Optical Flares and Real Smart Motion Blur from RE:Vision Effects. Watch part 1 and part 2 on the Infusion Effects website.

Add Comment | Posted Tue Jul 15, 2014 - by Paul Roberts

Plugin News > Ornatrix v3 beta

Ephere, makers of Ornatrix, have posted a video showcasing the new viewport hair preview in Ornatrix v3. You can watch the preview on the Ephere Youtube channel.

Add Comment | Posted Mon Jul 14, 2014 - by Joel LeLievre

Resources > Laubwerk Plants Kits 1.0.9

New features in Laubwerk’s 3DS Max plugin and plants collections include: [more...]

Add Comment | Posted Mon Jul 14, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Scripts > EchOoo released

A commercial script by Clovis Gay for creating animated duplication effects, for motion graphics or simply to check your animation without using trajectories. Watch a sample video and tutorial on Kinematiclab’s site.

Comments (5) | Posted Mon Jul 14, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Scripts > Light Painter 1.0

A commercial script by Kamil Malagowski designed to help with lighting scenes and setting the reflections on your objects using V-Ray lights. More on Kamil Malagowski’s site.

Add Comment | Posted Mon Jul 14, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Tutorials > Condensation shader for V-Ray

Another great tutorial by Austris Cingulis, this time on how to create shader-based water droplets. More on Viscorbel.

Add Comment | Posted Mon Jul 14, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Tutorials > 3DS Max ThinkingParticles Introduction

CMIVFX have announced that they will be releasing a tutorial series focused on an introduction to using ThinkingParticles in 3DS Max. The training is yet to be released but will cover the basics behind ThinkingParticles, including particle interaction, rigid bodies, destruction, and much more. They have released a preview video which you can watch on the CMI Vimeo Channel.

Add Comment | Posted Fri Jul 11, 2014 - by Joel LeLievre

On The Web > Scanline Game of Thrones breakdown

Scanline VFX has been nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Special and Visual Effects in a television series, for the work they recently completed on Game of Thrones Season 4 final episode. You can watch a breakdown video of Wight Attack Sequence on their Vimeo Channel.

Add Comment | Posted Sat Jul 12, 2014 - by Joel LeLievre

On The Web > Hybris short film

ArtFX is a CG/VFX school located in the French city of Montpellier. The shorts made by students from the school have been drawing attention lately due to the high quality of their CG work and the amount of production being dedicated to them. ArtFX’s emphasis is on mixing CG with live action, so they dedicate as much work to filmmaking. The scripts of their shorts are getting more polished, too (though only a few get to the quality one is used to seeing from Supinfocom – but that may change in the future). Additionally, they create great detailed making of videos for each of the shorts they produce. One of the best from their latest batch of shorts is Hybris, you can watch it on Filmnosis.

Add Comment | Posted Mon Jul 14, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

News > Inglobe Technologies releases augmented reality SDK with 3D object tracking

Inglobe Technologies has released the ARmedia 3D SDK, a software development kit for creating augmented reality applications that offers a new 3D mapping and tracking approach, allowing to create applications capable of recognizing and tracking objects independently of their size and geometry. The SDK is intended to enable developers to add digital interaction to real world objects (not only flat surfaces). The ARmedia SDK can be integrated with any 3D engine and authoring environment, the company is already offering functional integration with Unity 3D and Open Scene Graph. More on Inglobe Technologies’ site.

Comments (1) | Posted Fri Jul 11, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis

Tools > Ngrain Augmented Reality

Ngrain Augmented Reality is a software designed to streamline the creation of augmented reality (AR) content. It lets you import models created with major 3D applications and superimpose content such as text, audio, animations and video. The software aims to remove many of the technical barriers to generating and deploying AR experiences. More on Ngrain’s site.

Add Comment | Posted Fri Jul 11, 2014 - by Pablo Hadis


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