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Peter Watje Spiral Gravity v1.0
153 KB
Compiled / Description

Spiral Gravity works exactly like Cylindrical Gravity except it uses rotational forces instead of tangental forces to make it slightly easier to control.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Sisyphus Software Special Purpose Particles v1.2
887 KB
Particles / Spacewarp
Compiled / Description

SPP consists of two particle systems (Halo and Phasor) and one spacewarp (Vertex Lock). Halo creates a system of particles which rotate in a generally circular path about an axis, Phasor creates a system of particles which flow from one end of the icon to the other in a wavelike path, and Vortex Lock is a particle motion controller which 'grabs' particles, spins them into a whirling vortex, then locks them into a stable rotation path.

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