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Chaos Group Phoenix FD v4.41.00
R2018 R2019 R2020 R2021 R2022 €750
Phoenix Fluid Dynamics perfectly combines a grid based simulator with outstanding rendering capabilities. In addition to the usual uniform fluid behavior, Phoenix FD is capable of simulating a whole array of additional processes like pressure decay, thermal radiation cooling and mass-temperature dependence.

Key features include:
- Multi-threaded fluid displacement
- Proper atmospheric blending (requires V-Ray)
- Heat haze (requires V-Ray)
- Solid mode (requires V-Ray)
- Proper GI support with V-Ray
- Shader memory efficiency
- Geometry gizmo for both modes of rendering
- Foam and splashes particle shader
- Render particles as smoke
- Fast physically based simulation core
- Background simulation (doesn't lock the Max UI)
- Support of all standard space warp modifiers
- Wind from movement (both linear and angular)
- Fluid source form pre-simulated surface
- Particle based sources
- MAXScript support
- Extension for liquid simulations
- Turbulence helper
- Analytic scattering mode
- Support of Thinking Particles systems as sources
- Improved multi-threading of the simulation
- Particle export
- Simulation of foam and splashes
- GPU accelerated preview
- ParticleFlow operators
- Procedural texture export
- Particle texture tool
- Playback time scale

Demo version is available here.

32-bit: No
64-bit: Yes
Developer / WWW Name / WWW Info Max Versions Price
cebas VISUAL TECHNOLOGY Inc. thinkingParticles v7.0.292
R2020 R2021 R2022 €600 per year
thinkingParticles is the next generation of rule-based particle systems for Max. When compared to an event-based particle system, which works on triggers and time dependent events, a rule-based system is free from constraints and instead applies simple behaviors. These behaviors govern all aspects of a particle's motion, life, death, and collisions in a true non-linear fashion.

thinkingParticles offers its particle system functionality through a 'programmatic' approach. This approach lets artists use thinkingParticles powerful visual Wire Setup Interface to procedurally build the rules and conditions that control the particle behavior.

Demo version is available here.

32-bit: No
64-bit: Yes

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