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Posted Mon Jun 2, 2014


CityEngine 2014.0 released

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New features in Esri's 3D urban environment creation software include:

  • Built-in Esri rule library - more built-in rules such as Building, Façade, Roof and Street rules.
  • Improved donut support - holes in polygons are now supported by the following CGA operations: offset, roofGable, roofHip, roofShed operations.
  • Improved streets
  • Unity example plugin based on the CityEngine SDK - the Esri CityEngine SDK enables 3rd party developers to integrate CityEngine’s geometry engine, the so-called Procedural Runtime into client applications. This means developers can now take full advantage of CityEngine’s procedural capabilities without running CityEngine or ArcGIS. A Unity example is provided showing how the CityEngine SDK can be embedded into the Unity game engine for native procedural geometry creation.

Plus bug fixes. A 30-day full functional trial version is available for download. More on Esri's website.


by George R - June 3, 2014 6:04 am

Wow. You have to contact them to find out how much it is!

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