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Posted Thu Mar 6, 2014


Substance Painter beta available on Steam


Allegorithmic announced that a beta of their painting application that offers physics-driven particle brushes for simulating natural wear and tear effects is now available for purchase. Substance Painter is currently available on Steam at a 50% discount ($74.99) of its non-commercial license. According to their FAQ page, the commercial license will cost $590 when released, and the beta will also be available on Allegorithmic's site in a few weeks.

Features of the software include: particle based painting effects (pour/throw particles on paintable surfaces), modify UVs and keep painted details, physically-based viewport rendering for accurate preview and ability to us Substance brushes. Visit the Substance Painter page on Steam, watch some videos on Allegorithmic's YouTube channel and find out more on Substance Painter's official page.

Source: Sami Sorjonen


by Kary - March 7, 2014 9:25 am

From Polycount:

“As a side note, we decided to allow the use of the Non-Commercial version for people generating less than $10K per year in revenue, so indies or people doing freelancing on the side can use the non-commercial version for their projects for example.”


by George R - March 8, 2014 1:22 am

That thing about the indie license suddenly makes this more compelling.

by Michael Wentworth-Bell - March 10, 2014 8:32 pm

The news from the Polyboost forum is definitely interesting!
I see it’s now updated on the app’s steam page:

MPORTANT UPDATE: We authorize the use of the non-commercial version of Substance Painter for any commercial project, as long as it doesn’t generate more than $10 000 per year

This is really cool. I really want to get in on the Beta and start learning Painter. This is probably the coolest way to pre-release / license an app in a while..

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