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Posted Mon Feb 24, 2014


Torrender.net – render your 3DS Max scenes with PCs from other CG artists


Torrender.net is a new client-server service by ScriptAttack that works like Torrent for rendering, it is possible to set your PC to render scenes only from your friends and also submit scenes only to your friends to render. All content is sent in encrypted WinRAR archives. The beta version of the service has started in Russia. After the Russian group grows enough, the server module will be translated to English, adding a rating system and releasing an English version. More on ScriptAttack's website.

Source: 1acc


by Eric Smith - March 1, 2014 1:50 pm

I really like this idea! Especially with encrypted packets and the possibility of use / host ratios to enhance the volunteer-ism.

My only concern is that rendered images for professional / client use may be seen by prying eyes? Would be interesting to see similar way to use C4D’s render packets.

by 1acc - March 1, 2014 4:36 pm

Hello, i have an answers for you.
Author of the scene (Render Leech) can turn off VFB setting, so the users who will render this job can’t see anything. Service works only in 3ds max and with 3ds max scenes.

by 1acc - April 2, 2014 1:06 pm

So, torrender already works in russian community:
http://scriptattack.com/maxscripts/…/index_eng.html – project details
http://torrender.net – site
http://torrender.net/TORRENDER_show_nodes.php – nodes
http://torrender.net/TORRENDER_show_jobs.php – jobs
http://torrender.net/TORRENDER_show…?id=1&jobid=100 – some job details

Russian release was at March 1, and now i’m going to release the system for all. But i can’t prepare some things only by myself in short time, so i’m looking for a man to be my right hand in english-speaking community and help with some pre-release actions. Who wants to help me and take part in this free for all 3ds max users system of global distributed rendering?

Who do I need?
1. European, fluent in English (because of time zone), but americans, australians – you are welcome too!
2. Active and experienced user of torrender (i’ll teach and consult you)
3. Available in skype every day or at least 5 days in a week.
4. 30+ years old, experienced user of 3ds max
5. If you are famous cg-artist and have a site with your own 3d content also – you are the best!

What i need from right-hand man:
1. Help with translation to english (fix my english grammar)
2. Make an instructional video of how to work with torrender
3. Support english-speaking users, answer a questions and etc.
4. Help in promotion of torrender everywhere (we diskuss this in skype)

For now be a right-hand man is not a paid job but this is a temporary situation i hope, as for me – i’m working on this project from 2012 (actually an idea comes at 2010 but development in code starts two years later) year without any financial supportment from anybody.

You are welcome with any questions and opinions

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