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Posted Mon Jun 10, 2013


Unfold3D 8


New features in the latest version of Polygonal Design's UV unwrapping software include:

  • New 64bit Unfolding core that can unwrap very big meshes (up to a million triangles).
  • Major improvement for "dirty meshes" when importing OBJ. Now it solves complex topology errors and write them into the OBJ files at export.
  • Multi UV grid Pack. Each island is packed into the underlying square.
  • Multi UV grid Select. In island selection mode, a click into square label selects all islands inside the square.
  • Multi UV grid Best Fit and Squarify. In island selection mode, the selected islands are best fitted / squared into the underlying square.
  • Select Borders - will select each edges of the frontiers of selected islands.
  • Select Similar Islands - will select other islands having the same topology.
  • Align points - will align the selected points (no constraints).
  • Parallelize/Verticalize/Horitalize edges - on selected edges (no constraints).
  • Island Green Display - the green color now designates the islands that will be unfolded in the next click on "Unfold" button.
  • Faster selection of edges (up to 20 times faster).
  • The orientation of islands in 3D are kept in UV when Packing (see the packing options dialog).

More info and a sample video at Polygonal-Design.fr.


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