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Posted Tue May 14, 2013


Otoy and Mozilla unveil ORBX.js JavaScript library for streaming applications to HTML5 browsers


ORBX.js will allow users to stream desktop applications through a standard HTML5 Web page, without requiring any plugins or native code extensions. The companies demonstrated 3DS Max 2014 and other software running entirely through HTML5 on all major browsers. Watch a video on YouTube, read the press release (PDF) and find out more on Otoy's forum.


by Marcin - May 15, 2013 2:18 am

Nooooooooo!! Please burn the HDs with all the code for this tech!
I really wish this tiny thing – running software on a local machine – doesn’t get a 21st-century-treatment…

by necter - May 15, 2013 9:07 am

Dido Marcin

I hope this trend just fades away like a disturbing dream.
What’s the advantage of Streaming Application on Desktop (SAD) for the end user?
Always having the latest version, that’s no benefit.
What else?
Doing 3dsmax on a tablet? Really
Why would I want to wrap power hungry and at times unstable software into a non standardized system like the WWW?

Currently I’m in FF writing this post with one tab open. I have five addon’s installed. Task manager show FF is using 160mb already.

OK so I launch FF, then link to AD, then login, then pick my app, then open my local file (Please tell me I still get to keep my files locally).
OH Crash, go back to start. OH sorry the nets down can’t work.

I really hope the community doesn’t let this wash over them with indifference.


by Chris - May 15, 2013 9:11 am

Same here, I will have my software running on my machine not somewhere in the cloud. This will require a fast and permanent internet connection and will create massive traffic if everybody is using applications in the web-browser only. Hope there are many years to pass by until such vision becomes reality.

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