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Posted Mon Feb 25, 2013 - by Paul Roberts

Plugin News

FuturArch beta 1.499


FuturArch 1.499 beta has been released with a host of new tools. FuturArch is an ongoing project to port LWCAD tools for Lightwave to 3DS Max. Prior to this release the Max plugin comprised a suite of plugins that allow you to use real-time booleans and create parametric roofs with tiles. In addition to an updated floor and wall tool this update features new object creation tools as follows:

  • The Fence tool for creating procedural fences and walls with the ability to switch between multiple patterns, create gates and place columns.
  • The WinDoor tool for creating procedural widows and doors that automatically create apertures in wall objects.
  • The Furniture tool for placing custom furniture objects. Furniture is procedural, so lengths and widths can be adjusted without distorting key elements of the geometry.
  • New Element tool for positioning single and double pivoted handles and any other architectural objects that you manually add to the library
  • An updated Add To Lib tool for creating your own procedural objects.

To find out more and see videos of all the new features, visit the FuturArch website.

Source: FuturArch


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