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Posted Mon Jan 28, 2013


Meshmixer08 update 2


New features in Autodesk's modeling tool for combining parts from different 3D models include:

  • Support for snapping and units in Transform tool
  • UnitsTool to set physical scale of model and convert between units
  • StabilityTool to analyze whether model will fall over
  • Stability tool also computes volume and surface area
  • OverhangTool and real-time shader to visualize overhang regions
  • Measuring Tool with various measuring modes
  • PlaneCut now faster, more robust, can "slice" to keep both sides, and be restricted to a selection
  • GenerateFaceGroups Tool to find face groups on imported models
  • Support for Color-Per-Vertex OBJ and binary STL
  • Improved image format support (now supports JPG)
  • Booleans and Join tools significantly more robust
  • Various smaller improvements

Meshmixer is being developed by Ryan Schmidt at Autodesk Research. Watch a new features video and find out more on Meshmixer's website.


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