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Posted Thu Jan 24, 2013


CopperCube 4 released with Android and particle systems support


New features in Ambiera's software for publishing interactive 3D scenes to the web or as standalone Windows and Mac applications include:

  • Ability to generate Android apps
  • Particle systems support
  • Touchscreen support for mobile devices
  • Customizable loading screens for all targets
  • Multiline text
  • Extended actions and behaviors (cloning, deleting, vehicles, random positions, etc.) - these allow to create more complex games such as car driving games, as well as those which need to create objects on the fly, or need to dynamically delete objects
  • New examples and prefabs
  • Many smaller improvements

For existing users there is a 60% upgrade discount. A 14-day trial version is available for download. More on Ambiera's forum.

Source: Ambiera


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