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Posted Wed Jan 23, 2013

Plugin News

Krakatoa 2.1.7 beta

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New features in Thinkbox Software's particle point renderer and management toolkit include:

  • PRT Surface object - distributes particles randomly on the surface of one or more objects using either a fixed count or a distance threshold
  • New Spherical Random Distribution mode added to the existing Krakatoa PRTCloner Modifier - new Radio buttons let you select between the Spherical Random Distribution mode and the old Source List mode
  • Added decimal precision controls to the Particle Data Viewer
  • Various UI Improvements
  • ActiveType Tool has been added to the Magma Editor - a search mechanism that performs partial pattern matching on three types of data - the Node Name, the Node Category and the Node Description

More on Thinkbox Software's website.


by Tobbe Olsson - January 23, 2013 5:47 pm

Been using the ActiveType addition in the Magma editor for a little while now and I am super happy they implemented it. It works great!

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