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Posted Mon Jan 21, 2013

Renderer News

Arion 2.4 preview


RandomControl are disclosing some of the render elements and EXR output features that will be available in an upcoming version of their hybrid-accelerated and physically-based renderer. More on RandomControl's blog.


by juang3d - January 22, 2013 7:32 am

Just a sidenote, it’s 2.0.4, not 2.4 :)


by juang3d - January 22, 2013 7:34 am

No… you are right, it’s 2.4,they decided to rename it :)


by Simon - January 24, 2013 8:30 am

Yes, why not switching from 2.0.4 to 2.4 now, a few months after the initial 2.0 release… it’s only a number… LOL looks like they are going totally crazy now.
After quitting Fryrender and the plugin support for all other apps than max (and maybe xsi in the future) after 6 years of “development” and after closing the forum… and all this without any announcement!
But i think they closed the forum because they wanted to avoid the complaints of disillusionated customers after they have seen that their plugin is no longer develloped and that RC has “forgotten” about their promise to give old fry customers a free copy of MaxLive as compensation for their never released RC4/RC5 realtime engine “included” in the feature list of Fryrender – like they announced last year in their forum. (originally it was a free Live plugin of your choice, but i think this addition is obsolete now since there is only Max left…) And to clean up the forum from all old promises.
So what comes next? v3.0 this summer? update price 500€?
Thanks… RC, never again!

by Juang3d - January 24, 2013 2:02 pm

I think you are a bit burned :)
This has happened with all 3D companies I know, you can take a look into Excalibur from Autodesk, where are we with max since the project XBR started?
I think the’ve learned to not to do promises they can’t afford, take a look into ThinkBox, they don’t promise unless they have the feature under development and confirmed, probably in RandomControl they’ve found that some things are harder, or wasn’t possible, but there were promises, also with the economy situation in Spain they’ve probably been in a bit of trouble (I don’t have any info, just guessing, but here in Spain things are hard).
They probably found that they can’t accomplish with some promises, ok, but a promise in a forum is not a contract, and usually it’s a big mistake, take a look at Autodesk, they don’t promise ANYTHING NEVER! hehehe and RandomControl found that out too late I think.

Apart from that, that’s no reason to take a piece of software as Arion into account or not.

And from my POV 195€ for that render engine is a great deal, and just 95€ if you don’t want the Live version, just the standalone.

My recent bussiness is based in GPU Unbiased rendering with iRay, and not having some things as passes, instancing, and things like falloff is a big problem, and Arion has all of this and a lot more, the Arion memory management seems to be great, the’ve even implemented an internal Subdivision surface so you don’t need to use turbosmooth and waste all that memory you could use for other things.

I think it’s a great piece of software, and the difference between them and Autodesk in the customer care is that they are a very small company that makes human mistakes in bussiness, and Autodesk is a big fish who you can yiel as much as you want, but you MUST use their software hehe

Please don’t take this as an attack or something, just a different point of view, I was a FryRender customer too, but I don’t trust promises, just the software I have in my hands :)

by Simon - January 25, 2013 7:25 am

I think you can’t compare this to 3DSmax development. Max is still there isn’t it? The problem with RC is that they sold various programs for various platforms that are no longer supported! Fryrender Swap! has been canceled completely – ok it was a pretty useless tool and much too expensive, but people bought it! And if you say that they have to learn their lesson… it’s ok. but not at the cost of their customers! And this can happen one time and not many times over more than 6 years!!!
I already owned Maxwell and bought the Fry beta almost only because of their announced realtime feature, which has never been released.
Ok i’m glad that i never switched my workflow to fry, otherwise i would bave been pissed much more i think. I don’t know how users of Fry/Arion for c4d, sketchup, rhino, lightwave , etc. think about it… who maybe have bought several overpriced full licenses.
But it’s ok… they fooled us all and have our money – now i hope that this will never happen again and that this “company” with such a bad customer care will fail completely! – maybe Autodesk or Next Limit will buy them… or no one.

by Pablo Hadis - January 25, 2013 1:18 pm

@Simon: Please try to keep your criticism constructive on this site as much as you can. If you feel the need to criticize a company’s work so strongly, pls use your full name to back your statements. Thank you.

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