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Posted Mon Jan 14, 2013

Plugin News

Ky_Color Variator 2.0

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New features in the latest version of Pavel Kuznetsov's plugin for varying the colors of different objects, particles, elements, etc., using a single material include:

  • Added the ability to use any auxiliary texture (eg, Bitmap, Gradient, Noise, etc.) as a source of samples for base color. Probability of using the color depends on how often it occurs in the auxiliary texture.
  • Added the ability to vary the texture coordinates (Offset, Tiles, Angle). This allows you to vary the mapping of one and the same texture for the various objects in the scene.
  • Added the ability to vary the parameters (including color, texture coordinates, etc.) for different Tile ID.
  • Added full support for ICube's MultiScatter plugin (including MultiScatter ObjectColor) for V-Ray 2.10 and above.

Ky_Color Variator supports V-Ray and Scanline-compatible renderers. The new version is available to current owners of the plugin for free. A 14-day trial version is available for download. More at LastJediOutpost.ru.


by daniel tegealnd - January 15, 2013 11:54 am

Be sure to get this one. Amazing stuff!

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