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Posted Thu Dec 20, 2012

Plugin News

VFB+ 2.2


New features in Rotem Shiffman's advanced frame buffer plugin for Max include:

  • New color correction effect: Vignette.
  • VFB+ can now be activated in any image viewer window, not just the main VFB.
  • Improved Render-To-Texture support. You can now view the different elements being rendered in realtime (this feature is dependent on the render engine working with the 3DS Max RTT protocol properly - Mental Ray, for example, does not support this).
  • Extended VFBPlus2 MAXScript interface and added new VFBPlus2ColorCorrection MAXScript interface.
  • Each image now has an editable title shown in bottom left of frame buffer. The title can also be used as a Stamper variable.
  • Extended preferences for choosing how VFB+ output is saved.
  • Up/Down arrow keys now flip between image elements.
  • Patching the RTT script now saves a backup of the original file.

Plus bug fixes. More on Rotem Shiffman's website.


by Rotem - December 21, 2012 6:05 am

Thanks for the continued support, MU :)

by Pablo Hadis - December 21, 2012 3:02 pm

You’re most welcome. Congrats on the excellent work, Rotem.

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