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Posted Tue Sep 4, 2012

Max News

Frank DeLise returns as 3DS Max Product Manager


With rumors flying high thanks to the recent layoffs, Autodesk's Chris Vienneau has provided some official words on the status of M&E and its future. Besides dismissing the rumor that 3DS Max will not be further developed, he mentions that the Max team was affected by the restructuring but is fully staffed. Most notably, he states that Frank DeLise, who worked with the Yost Group on 3D Studio Max development, and eventually became lead designer and product manager, is now back heading 3DS Max development.

Frank is known for helping bring many useful features into Max in its early years, following the original vision of turning the software into "the Swiss Army knife of 3D", and has worked extensively on video game development in the past years. Autodesk's Chris Vienneau also hints at policies for future 3DS Max development, stating that Max "literally plays in 5-6 industries but a good balance, some XBR, and a focus on stability and performance is a good recipe to follow".

Chris Vienneau's statement can be found on Jamie Gwilliam's blog and the original post that sparked the discontinuation rumor can be found on Reddit.

Source: Changsoo Eun, Robert Freitag, Algosuk


by mat - September 4, 2012 1:45 pm

This is awesome news!

I remember talking with him at trade shows back in the 90′s. He was a great guy who enjoyed using the product. While he was product manager for 3dsMax he was still an active freelancer. Worked on Lost In Space and used experiences like that to improve the product.

by Darin - September 6, 2012 9:01 am

I agree Mat! I remember meeting him also at CGI conference in Orlando back in the 90s. He was showing the intro scene of lost in space and got to see it on the screen in Max, after that point I was hooked…. great speaker, been around for a long time…

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