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Posted Thu Jul 5, 2012

CG Health

A Life Less Sedentary: CG Artist Health


US artist Samuel Conlogue shares his thoughts and recipes on balancing the screen life with a healthy lifestyle. "After 12 years of making my living as a 3D artist, I can tell you this is not a career path that inspires healthy living. (...) One day I sort of panicked with the realisation I have one body and I’m sending it down the crapper for really no reason at all! Don’t let your health take a backseat to work and everything else like I did." Sounds familiar? Read the blog post.


by othoap - July 6, 2012 9:51 am

One word “WALKING”

I’m a strong advocate for walking. It’s great exercise and resolves many problems. I can afford not to keep any food in the house. If I want to eat I’ve got to walk. My grocer is a mile away. So breakfast, lunch and dinner is a two mile walk that can ad up to six miles a day.

The second big benefit to the walk is problem solving. Can’t count the number of times the solution to a problem came to me on my walk to lunch.

Walking is a low impact exercise you can do for life. My advice is to buy a pair of shoes and only use them for walking.

by Pablo Hadis - July 6, 2012 10:44 am

That’s great advice, Mick. Incorporating exercise into daily life can help a lot.

I think getting into social activities is great to balance the screen life, too. Working with PCs and spending too many hours with pixels can turn into an anti-social activity. Group sports and other related activities can be a great complement.

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