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Plugin News  –  December 2018

Tuesday 11 December 2018 - 17:47


Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v5.4 are:
- Fixes a bug in Align Working Pivot to Two Points
- Fixes a bug when DropOn is used to project verts onto the same object
- Code optimisations

miauu's Script Pack Volume 2 is available for Max 2009 to 2019 and costs €17.

Plugin Update: Modelling

Changes for v1.14 are:
- Fixes a bug where bridge faces were sometimes deleted when using transform asset operations

MeshInsert is available for Max 2013 to 2019 and costs €30.

Plugin Update: Renderers

Changes for Subscription Drop 2 are:
- Adds a new biased, highly optimized Light Cache system
- SubSurface Scattering has been enhanced dramatically
- The AI Denoiser now provides full support of HDRI color values
- Adds support for the standard Autodesk Physical Material
- Adds support for thinkingParticles particle instancing feature
- Reduces GPU kernel memory usage by up to 50% on newer NVIDIA cards
- Enhances Area Lights and Sky Portals

finalRender is available for Max 2016 to 2019 and costs €24.50 per month. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Renderers

Changes for v4.00 - 6.11 are:
- Adds a Reset Default settings option in Global settings
- Fixes update of 'Enable displacement' changes
- Adds texture compression support for the Image Tile texture
- Fixes viewport updates when changing some object properties
- Fixes a crash when using the XRef material in a Mix texture
- Fixes the 'Use window resolution' option not having priority over 'Use production resolution'
- Adds support for motion blur in Forest Pack

OctaneRender is available for Max 2013 to 2019 and costs $619. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Renderers

Changes for v1.2.9d are:
- Adds particle motion blur
- Adds a scene converter option for selection only
- Fixes Multitexture crash with more than 16 slots

FStormRender is available for Max 2014 to 2019 and costs €20 per month. A demo version is available here.

New Plugin: Modelling

Spline Refiner is a commercial MAXScript for automatically subdividing splines uniformly without losing any detail. It analyzes the current vertex distribution and smartly determines the best way to get an even segmentation, preserving the integrity of the shape. Spline Refiner can process hundreds of splines in seconds, with just a few clicks.

Spline Refiner is available for Max 2012 to 2019 and normally costs $15. For a limited time you can get a license for $7.50.

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v10.0.23.4 are:
- Adds support for KeyShot 3rd Party Licensing
- Additional bulk job submission performance improvements have been made
- Improves the error handling of the Pipeline Tools workflow in the job submitters
- Fixes a CentOS installer error when installing the Client over an existing Client installation
- Assets that are uploaded to S3 now have their original file path stored in the S3 metadata
- The My AMIs list in the Spot Fleet Configuration settings is now sorted and scrollable
- IPv6 and Hostname support have been added to the AWS Portal Link and Asset Server
- Adds confirmation messages for Fix Policies completion
- S3 File Transfer Bucket settings can now only be accessed via the Asset Server Settings window
- Maya Alembic files are now precached when submitting to AWS Portal
- Fixes a couple of issues with how AWS Portal Asset Server handles asset directories
- Fixes the AWS Portal Link installation from failing when multiple IP addresses are detected
- Adds a new Time In Status column to the Slave list in the Monitor
- The 'Use 'su' Instead Of 'sudo' On Linux and Mac OS X' option is now enabled by default
- The 'Simulate Login ('su' only)' option is now enabled by default
- Slaves now detect if they become unregistered from the Cloud License Server and re-register
- The Remote Connection Server no longer runs the old Proxy sub-process
- Fixes an issue that prevented Monitor Layouts from being pulled properly from the RCS
- Adds a new Render Threads Per Task option to SMTD in Max
- Fixes a bug in SMTD that prevented it from closing automatically after a successful submission
- Adds support for After Effects 2019
- The Clarisse Module Paths and Search Paths settings now use a folder chooser, not a file chooser
- Fixes an issue with progress reporting when rendering with Clarisse 3
- The integrated Fusion submitter on Linux and Mac OS X now works properly
- Fixes an issue that prevented the integrated Fusion submitter installer from working on Linux
- Frame dependencies are now supported for dependent jobs in the Houdini tree graph
- The Houdini ROP now asks if you wish to save the scene file if it detects any unsaved changes
- The Submit button in the Houdini ROP has been moved to the top of the submitter
- Fixes a Houdini issue that caused Wedge jobs to crash if the output driver used a relative path
- Maya scenes with Alembic reference nodes now properly load the AbcImport plugin at render time
- Fixes a Maya issue with output file names for V-Ray animations
- Fixes a sanity check in the integrated Maya submitter when submitting V-Ray standalone jobs
- Fixes a bug in the Nuke submitter that wrongly disabled the 'Use Node's Frame List' option
- The value of the DEADLINE_SKETCHUP_INFO environment variable is now included in the render log
- Fixes an issue that could prevent SketchUp from closing after a V-Ray render is complete
- When tile rendering with V-Ray Standalone, the rendered tiles are now assembled correctly

Deadline is available for Max 2010 to 2019 and costs $48 per node per year. A demo version is available here.

New Plugin: Particles / Animation

RealFlow | 3ds Max brings the well-know RealFlow fluid simulation tools directly into Max. You can now perform your liquid, granular, viscous and viscoelastic simulations without leaving Max. Ready-to-use force daemons, GPU-powered fluids and materials, and a fast OpenVDB mesher make it easy to achieve the perfect simulation.

RealFlow | 3ds Max is available for Max 2017 to 2019 and costs €695. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Modelling

Changes for v1.03 are:
- Fixes the incorrect length of the arrow helper for the plane gizmo
- Fixes the plane gizmo arrow helpers showing an incorrect direction with certain bend angles

Vertex Normal Toolkit is available for Max 2012 to 2019 and costs $20.

Plugin Update: Renderers

Changes for v4.10.01 include:
- V-Ray/V-Ray GPU: Adds Nitrous viewport IPR support
- V-Ray GPU: Adds bucket rendering support
- V-Ray GPU: Adds support for the Cryptomatte render element when in bucket mode
- V-Ray GPU: Adds on-demand texture mode support for IPR
- V-Ray GPU: Adds support for VRayMtl refraction dispersion
- V-Ray Cloud: Adds Lighting Analysis render element support
- VRayGLSL: Adds the ability to read vertex color and vertex alpha from within shaders
- VRayInstancer: Adds instancing mode 'By particleInteger'
- New VRayNoiseTex texmap that renders the same in V-Ray, V-Ray GPU and V-Ray Standalone
- VRayHairNextMtl: Adds Glint and Glitter controls
- VRayPhysicalCamera: Adds a rolling shutter effect for motion blur
- VRayVolumeGrid: Adds a .getFrameInfo() MAXScript function
- VRayVolumeGrid: Adds support for NVLink for GPU Volumetrics rendering
- VRayVolumeGrid: Adds support for textures in GPU volumetrics
- VRayVolumeGrid: Implements render and preview of instanced nodes
- VRayVolumeGrid: Support for instancing volume grids and Particle Shaders using VRayInstancer
- VRayVolumeGrid: Adds support for Scene and Object XRefs
- VFB: Adds a 'Save in image' option to the LUT color correction
- VFB: Adds a Weight parameter for the LUT color correction
- VFB: Adds an option to save image color corrections to raw .exr and .vrimg files
- VFB: Lens bloom and glare lens effects calculation has been reworked
- And many more modified features and bug-fixes... a full list can be found in the V-Ray forum

V-Ray Next is available for Max 2013 to 2019 and costs $850. A demo version is available here.

Site News: Calling all freeware plugin developers

If you are a plugin developer with source code for plugins that you don't develop anymore, it would be great if you could get in touch with me. I would be glad to recompile as many old plugins as possible to stop them from disappearing for ever. Just mail me to let me know what sort of stuff you've got.

On a side note, this is how the Messiah:studio plugins got recompiled for Max 9 to 2012, as well as all of the Sisyphus plugins, so it's worth sending stuff my way :o)


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